Water Shark Systems, LLC

Through our alliance with Water Shark Systems, LLC. (formerly known as StormWater Online), Clear Blue Environmental is able to  help our customers protect our nation’s water resources by reducing pollution  that enters into our watersheds.

Via Water Shark Systems, LLC, Clear Blue Environmental can provide an easy to use system through which storm water managers can order sampling kits, lab analysis, and other storm water supplies, as well as an online system for tracking data and monthly email reminders. We can also provide training and consulting packages to meet the needs of storm water managers, and aid facilities in maintaining storm water compliance with all Federal and State regulations. Clear Blue Environmental, along with Water Shark Systems, LCC, is well suited to aid with all phases of NPDES permitting, including site inspections, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs), monthly observations, sampling, annual report writing, and BMP recommendations and implementation.

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