Waste Transport & Disposal

Clear Blue Environmental is a full-service environmental management company specializing in all types of hazardous waste removal options. Through its satisfied customers, Clear Blue has established a proven record of service and commitment. We are able to service our customers whether their waste is in bulk or containerized through our fleet of box vans,vacuum trucks, end dumps, or roll off bins.

Some of the waste streams handled through this service are:

RCRA – Is the principal Federal law in the United States governing the disposal of solid waste and hazardous waste.  Characteristic’s D,U,P,K, and F codes.

  • Flammable Liquids and Solids
  • Metal contaminated solids
  • Corrosive Liquids

Non RCRA- California state regulated waste streams that do not fall into the RCRA category.

  • Waste Oil
  • Oily Water
  • Waste antifreeze
  • Oily Absorbents

Non Hazardous- Waste that does not meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s definition of hazardous waste.

  • Non-Hazardous soil
  • Sediment from settling ponds
  • Wash or rinse waters
  • Groundwater

Universal Waste- Although universal wastes pose a lower risk to people and the environment, they are still hazardous waste. They may not be disposed of in the trash and must either be recycled or disposed of like hazardous waste, depending on the item.

  • Mercury Thermostats
  • Batteries*
  • Fluorescent Lamps, HID Lamps, and Sodium Lamps
  • Non-empty Aerosol Cans
  • Mercury Switches
  • Mercury Thermometers
  • E-Waste

*Click here for more information on the batteries we accept for disposing or recycling