Pictures and Descriptions of Past Projects

Removal of Chemicals, Materials, and Solids – Power Plant

Project Description:  Removal and disposal of solid materials.  Removal and disposal of chemicals, such as, aqueous ammonia, turbine oil, sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid.

Tank Demolition and Disposal

Project Description:  Removal and disposal of fuel oil and water.  Demolition of 7.5 million gallon tank.  Required large equipment and excavator, with final analyticals of soil.

Soil Excavation

Project Description:  Remediation of soil contaminated with chromium and nickel.

Tank Cleaning

Waste From Site Remediation

LADWP Haynes Generating Station

Project Description: Removal of Residual Fuel Oil/Contaminants, Tank/Fuel Oil Pipe Cleaning, Removal of Floating Roof & Perimeter Roof Seal, & Asbestos Abatement of Tank H & Associated Fuel Oil Piping


Transformers/Other Electrical Equipment

LADWP Rinaldi Receiving Station

Project Description- One 495,000 lb. GE transformer was dismantled on-site.  The transformer was decontaminated and dismantled.  The hazardous waste was transported to an appropriate disposal facility and the metal was recycled as scrap.